Dreamlight Heat is a 100% light-blocking, wireless infra-red beauty mask that restores your beauty while resting

Dreamlight Heat

Our sleep masks are designed to help you sleep better.

About Dreamlight

Dreamlight is an award winning sleep-aid technology company. We have created the perfect sleep mask which uses light therapy technology to help you mediate, relax, and drift off to sleep faster.

Our Dreamlight sleep masks have won numerous design awards.


Press Mentions

How our sleep masks have helped

“The warmth comes around my eyes. When my eyes get overly tired, this mask makes them feel better.”

-Ann Lloyd

“It helps me fall asleep so much quicker, also calms me down when I’m stressed! You’ll love it!”

-Sophie Louise

"Heat mask as well as being relaxing definitely helped my dry eyes so that I did not need eyedrops.”

-Faye Draper

“I had a fantastic night. It was the first night in a long time that I haven’t felt any sharp anxiety before falling asleep in a long time.”

-Yusef Sabra

“I love that it doesn’t touch my lashes or smudge my make-up.”

-Bille Haworth

We ship worldwide

For the U.S, Canada located customers, we ship out from our L.A warehouse via UPS