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Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse
Dreamlight Muse

Dreamlight Muse

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Dreamlight Muse is a 100% light blocking, cordless music eye mask that gives you the best audio experience while resting.

Star features:

  • A pitch-black sleep environment is powered by 3000 diverse faces mapped.
  • You can access to all meditation & music & audiobook app via Bluetooth.
  • The unique 3D hollowed design leaves make-up intact.
  • The wash-friendly design allows for easy cleaning.
  • The music playing time is up to 10 hours.
  • Made by baby-grade, breathable, anti-wrinkle material.

Dreamlight Muse

Get better rest while enjoying your favourite audio!

Feeling Exhausted? Because You Never Truly Rest.

According to NHS research, it's not uncommon that we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning because we haven't gotten enough quality sleep at night due to excessive stress.

Our body's got 'rest' doesn't mean that our mind is at ease.

According to the article on Museum.com, the US Navy's pre-flight school needs its pilots to fall asleep in any condition at any time of the day.
The mindful method they came up with proved successful in 96% of cases after 6 weeks of practice with the pilots.

Practice Mindful. Get Restful.

Dreamlight Muse gives you the best mindful moments by isolating you from the outside world, focusing only on yourself.

Wireless Audio Experience Enhances Your Relaxation.

Immerse yourself in audio experience that is free from the tangling earphone cords or the pain of wearing earbuds during sleep.

A pitch-black environment is essential for quality sleep.

You Never Rest Well During Daytime.

The exposure to bright light delayed for 2 hours the increase in subjective sleepiness at rest and suppressed the increase in that during CWT. The bright light exposure also delayed the increase in the theta and alpha wave activities in EEG at rest. Sources from: Effect of bright light on EEG activities and subjective sleepiness to mental task during nocturnal sleep deprivation.


The hugging design of Dreamlight Muse is powered by our big data model that has gathered and analyzed over 3000 diverse faces.

Make-up friendly.

The spacious 3D design around the eyes will leave your makeup intact and allow your eye movements to happen freely.

Light Weight.

It weighs only 95 grams, so light and portable.

Pressure-reducing Design.

Muse sits comfortably on the head, minimizing pressure on the eyes, distributing weight around the back of the head and providing ample padding for the nose.

Maching Washable Design.

Premium velcrodoesn't catch hair.

Breathable & anti-wrinkle material.

Easy storage evenon the travel.

User Scenario.

A restful sleep is always beneficial. We are excited to bring you our extraordinarily, lightweight and portable Ease Lite Eye mask.

Sleeping next to a snorer.

Meditation support.

People suffering excessive stress.

Listening to music while traveling or commuting.