Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini
Dreamlight Heat Mini

Dreamlight Heat Mini

Sale price$42.00

Heat Mini is a portable, full light-blockage, wireless infra-red therapeutic relaxation eye mask.

Star features:

  • A pitch-black sleep environment is powered by a unique memory material.
  • The infra-red beauty therapy can be delivered by included wireless battery or connected with a power bank.
  • The heating scope covers eye-socket, and it extends to the temple area for deeper relaxation.
  • Smart IC temperature regulation and auto-switch off in 30 min to prevent low temperature burns.
  • The unique 3D hollowed design leaves make-up intact.
  • Its exclusive air-layered structure delivers the best fit and comfort.
  • The wash-friendly design allows for easy cleaning.

Enjoy A Wireless Eye Spa Anytime, Anywhere.

Dreamlight Heat Mini


- Caroline A. Jackson, Psychological Distress and Risk of Myocardial
Infarction and Stroke in the 45 and Up Study 2018.

Unwind Yourself in a Cozy Eye Spa.

A versatile wireless heated mask, reduces pressure and promotes deeper relaxation.

Dreamlight VS Other Brands

Safer Temperature Range,
More Stable Heating Performance.

You Actually Never Rest Well During Daytime.

Darkness Matters for Quality Rest.

Based on a study from NCBI, the exposure to bring light delayed for 2 hours the increase in subjective sleepiness at rest and suppressed the increase in that during CWT.
The bright light exposure also delayed the increase in the theta and alpha wave activities in EFG at rest.


Pinch the eyemask at the bridge of the nose to ensure 100% light blockage

The World's Most Versatile Wireless Heating Mask.

The wireless battery design reduces the hassle of having cords tangle. Alternatively, it also supports extra heating via the included cable connecting to other power supply.

Safety First. Smart IC Delivers The Safest Heat Therapy.

The smart IC embedded into the power interface guarantees and automatic switch-off after 30 minutes of heat therapy, regardless of the power supply; preventing low-temperature burns.

Unique Eye-socket Heating Scope.

Heat Lite's unique surround-eye heating extends all the way to the temple area, providing thorough warmth to improve your sleep.

Feature Packed.

Make-up friendly.

Heat Mini is make-up friendly.
Its 3D hollowed design won't touch eyelashes or the makeup around the eyes.

Air Layer Structure For The Best Fit.

Heat Mini has upgraded to a more refined silky smooth, breathable material, and applied air layer structure for the best fit.

Light As A Feather.

Heat Mini weighs less than 50 grams, making it the lightest and most portable eyemask we've ever made.


The lining of Dreamlight eyewear is machine washable. Please remove the power bank before washing.