What does sleep aid light do?

warm glowing lights

Sleep aid light is designed to, as it says, to aid you in going to sleep. However, there are numerous benefits to using sleep aid light as it can drastically improve your overall sleeping experience and help you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, just as we all want to feel every morning when we wake up. 

Which light is best for sleep?

Selecting the right light to fall asleep is definitely an important aspect of the benefits of sleep aid light. Have you ever tried falling asleep with a bright white light on? It becomes significantly harder to drift off to sleep. On the other hand, have you tried sleeping to a warm orange light instead? The difference is staggering.

See the graph below (figure 1.0). We can see that people who are exposed to orange light are 32% more likely to fall asleep. Compared to people exposed to white light, who show a less than 1% increase in sleeping faster. 


statistics about sleep aid light

(Figure 1.0)

Sleep aid light should resemble relaxing colors. We tested four separate colors, orange light, red light, blue light, and white light. We found that the warmer colors performed much better than the colder colors. 

This means, before going to sleep, you should expose yourself to orange or red glows, to help you relax your mind before falling asleep. 

Our sleep mask, the Dreamlight Zen uses orange glows to help you fall asleep faster. It pulsates orange light in accordance with your breathing. 

What is the most soothing color for eyes?


As we can see from figure 1.0. Orange pulsating lights are the most soothing colors for the eyes. If you’re looking to fall asleep faster and more effectively. Try investing in some warm glowing orange light bulbs, or invest some money in a device that can emulate the orange glow. 

Sleep can be a key issue among many people, especially in America, which is why we must ensure we have as much advantage as possible to help us in drifting off to sleep. 

Harsh lights can create irritants around the eyes, not only when you’re about to go to sleep, but also in general. This is why you must choose the warmer colors rather than the cooler colors.