What are the key benefits of a sleep mask?

man with a sleep mask looking confused


Trying to get a good night’s sleep is an extremely difficult annoyance to some people. So, we look toward things that can assist us in, what can feel like, an eternity of tiredness and exhaustion. 

The most popular solution is buying a sleep mask. A sleep mask can come in numerous shapes and forms, that offer a variety of different functions. It has been proven that sleep masks work, and can help people suffering from insomnia overcome sleep deprivation.

However, let’s deep dive into the benefits of a sleep mask, and how they compare to other sleep aid devices out on the market. 


Sleep Masks are cheaper than blackout curtains


Researchers who study sleep are pretty unanimous in the assessment that the darker your room, the better your sleep. However, a lot of us are unable to afford such luxuries. Which is why a sleep mask is a much cheaper, sometimes, a better alternative. 


A sleep mask improves the quality of your sleep


Sleep is in fact an evolutionary need. Meaning, our pre-ancestors are naturally diurnal. Humans are designed to be awake during the day and sleep during the night. Before all these sleep aid products came about, our natural body clock would tell us it is time to sleep when light [sunlight] is absent. 

Scientists have also linked darkness [when sleeping] to increased REM sleep, meaning you’re more likely to sleep deeper when in a pitch-black environment. A sleep mask’s core function is to be 100% light-blocking, at least most of them are, and with that, you can simulate the darkness that your body requires to help you drift off to sleep.


Sleep masks help your insomnia


Firstly sleep masks don’t have any side effects to help you sleep, unlike conventional sleep aid pharmaceutics. This means that by simulating a completely dark environment before going to sleep can already increase your chances of reducing stress, wakefulness, and insomnia. 

A good sleep mask can be good for your skin


When sleeping on a pillow you usually wake up with the impressions of your pillowcase on your face. Over time, it can actually lead to wrinkles, or worse, acne, which is something none of us want. 

Your sleep mask can actually do more good for your skin or your acne than harm. This is because acne can worsen due to lack of sleep. This is why using a sleep mask can dramatically change you from a tired guerilla, into a refreshed, energetic human being.


There are hundreds of sleep masks on the market


Perhaps you’ve tried a sleep mask before and thought, hmm this really isn’t for me, and thrown it away, or labeled sleep masks as ineffective pieces of fabric. But you could be wrong, or judging too soon, as there are hundreds of sleep masks on the market with their own functions and specifications. 

In other words, we suggest you try numerous different sleep masks that are more suited to your needs. If you’re looking for a high-quality 100% light blocking sleep mask perhaps you can try our Dreamlight Ease sleep mask. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a sleep mask that has more sleep aid functions, we’d recommend trying our Dreamlight Zen meditation sleep mask.