How a meditation sleep mask can enhance your sleeping experience?


It’s always a difficult challenge to get a good night’s sleep when you’re constantly under pressure and caught in the same routine of restlessness. However, there are numerous devices out there to help you sleep better, one of them is a meditation sleep mask. 

A meditation sleep mask is, in some cases, a relatively new device to enter the market. Meditation sleep masks have been proven to not only enhance your sleeping experience, but also your overall health.

Understandably, many people view a meditation sleep mask as a device they’d not think would help them get a better night’s sleep. Many people are mostly searching for 100% light blocking sleep masks, not meditation sleep masks.

However, the design and texture of a meditation sleep mask is very similar to what we are all familiar with in a conventional sleep mask. But, and here’s the science behind it, a meditation sleep mask has built-in functions to train your breathing and relax your mind.

We all know how important a relaxed mind is, and how it can greatly enhance your way of sleeping. For example, the Dreamlight Zen mindful breathing mask is full of unique features. The key feature of this meditation mask is the glowing orange lights that help you control your breathing, assisted with a meditation audio track.

We all must be thinking, “why do I need such a tech-driven sleep mask?” Of course, there have been numerous studies conducted on what’s the best way for humans to sleep better. And many of the findings constantly come back to, healthy diet, regular exercise, reduced stress, etc…. 

A meditation sleep mask is able to tick off many of those things, and leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed. Having a good night’s sleep is the cornerstone to feeling better during the day, and having a more productive day in the office.

 How a good night’s sleep can increase productivity in the workplace?

It’s becoming more and more popular among professional service industries that they lack the sleep they need to fully focus on their work. By which, many mistakes can be made when you’re feeling tired. This is why meditation sleep masks were made, to enhance your overall sleep. 

As you can see a meditation sleep mask has numerous benefits to your overall well-being and makes you feel calmer and relaxed. 

Is it time to upgrade your sleep/eye mask?


At Dreamlight, and many of our raving fans, are screaming YES. It is time to upgrade your sleep mask. You may just be using a simple eye mask to get a good night’s sleep but there are so many instances when your ordinary sleep mask may let you down. 

Our new Dreamlight Zen sleep mask has numerous built-in features which greatly excels when compared to other sleep masks, making it a market’s number one choice.

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