How does a sleep mask work?

How does a sleep mask work?

It’s funny to ask ”how does a sleep mask work?’ but in fact, many people are lost in understanding ‘how does a sleep mask, work for you?

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It’s funny to ask ”how does a sleep mask work?’ but in fact, many people are lost in understanding ‘how does a sleep mask, work for you?’. We at Dreamlight are constantly asked this question, and we reply with the same answer. A sleep mask helps you in many areas of sleep deprivation.  

Let us explain. A sleep mask has many key benefits, which greatly help users overcome night-to-night troubles. 

One of the main areas a sleep mask benefits you is by decreasing the chances of insomnia. Insomnia can be overcome by decreasing the amount of light around you when trying to fall asleep.

However, we’d like to jump into some of the mechanics of a sleep mask, and how it physically works to get you that good night’s sleep you deserve.

The sleep mask’s material

 You may have brought a sleep mask before and felt the mask’s material and thought “wow this is soft” well that is of course by design. Sleep masks are usually made by using soft materials that feel comfortable. 

In turn, there are some materials used in sleep masks that can assist with your skincare. In fact, according to Dermstore, it’s advised to use a sleep mask to seal in your skincare creams for an enhanced effect.

100% light blocking

Of course, a sleep mask would be very useless if it was unable to do the one job you buy them for, which is blocking our surrounding light. 

A mask is designed so that when you’re wearing them, all light around you is completely blocked by the mask. This allows you to use a sleep mask anywhere, during any time of the day. 

It does this by using a firm strap, which you use to keep the sleep mask in place, and with slightly indented areas around your eyes. Think of a pair of noise-canceling headphones, with the added material that goes over your ears, a sleep mask is similar, but the material goes over your eyes.

Are there any side effects to wearing a sleep mask?

 Short answer, no. A sleep mask is a very good investment, as its benefits greatly outweigh (if there are any) cons to using a sleep mask. 

According to Healthline there are very few cons to using a sleep mask. However, you must still be careful of sleep masks that use a material that is detrimental to your skin’s health and to stay clear from DIY sleep masks.

When should I use a sleep mask?

Of course, you really know the answer to this question. You’d more than likely use a sleep mask on a regular basis, depending on how much it benefits you. 

There is no real limitation or side-effects from using your sleep mask every night. In fact, it’s probably better for you, as you’ll have a more peaceful night’s sleep every night.

In conclusion, there is a huge variety of sleep masks out on the market. What’s even better is that you can try them all and see which one fits your needs.