Why a sleeping mask is so important

Women sleeping with a sleeping mask


We’re constantly hearing why using a sleeping mask is considered good to help you sleep. However, it can be considered one of the most important sleeping-aid devices you could own.

A sleeping mask doesn’t only block out the surrounding light, nor does it protect you from a snoring spouse (depending on what sleeping mask you’re using). But instead has a direct impact on your general well-being. 

Here we have put together an article outlining why a sleeping mask is so important.

Yes sleeping in pitch-black has a huge impact on your physical health 

Consider this, our bodies have an automated timer within them, when we see daylight, our bodies naturally tell us it’s time to wake-up, get going, and feel fresh (however, in some cases this isn’t the case), and in the evening, our bodies tell us it is time to sleep. 

When we are sleeping, our bodies need complete darkness to ensure we are telling our bodies it’s time to sleep. If we are constantly ambushed with light seeping through our eyelids, it’s going to make it more difficult for our bodies to drift off, and enter a REM-cycle. 

So, a sleeping mask is primarily used to block out the light. If your sleeping mask is unable to do so, then you need to upgrade it immediately. 

Using your sleeping mask to overcome insomnia

It is said that roughly 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia. This is a staggering number, and we can only assume a large majority of these Americans don’t use a sleeping mask.

There are numerous sleeping masks that claim to help their users overcome insomnia but in fact, a large portion of these masks are unable to, and in some cases could even make falling asleep even harder for the user. 

Consider two of the most important fundamental properties of a sleeping mask. One, the fabric must be soft and comfortable around the face when in-use, and secondly, the sleeping mask must be tight enough, not too tight, to ensure 100% light-blocking. If it does not, then drifting off to sleep will be harder, and will leave a bad experience in your mind.

Restless sleep WILL impact your day-to-day working habits

This couldn’t be more true. We recently wrote an article based on the importance of sleep in the workplace. But, we want to reiterate this. Losing hours of sleep at night will make you feel drowsy, irate, and unfocused when you go about your day-to-day working habits.

A sleeping mask’s most important feature is to help you get a good night’s sleep. Incidentally improving your overall mood when getting into the office every day. 

How many times have you woken up feeling as though you didn’t get enough sleep? We can assume, countless times, and this could be because of the environment you sleep in, or the sleep-aid devices you use. 

If you want to begin feeling more refreshed night after night, sleep after sleep, then investing in a high-quality sleeping mask is an essential investment.